Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Casserole Cover

Hi, Hi, HI,
Oliver here,
Mom has been sayin' she needs a casserole cover for a swap at her Fall retreat.
That's right, she said CASSEROLE!  If I do a good job, maybe she will drop a bite of that casserole into my dish along with that dry stuff she calls food.  Well, it is pretty good stuff even if it is dry...
So, this is what I put together today...it is a McCall's pattern (#6338?)

It just needs some Velcro.  Couldn't find the stuff anywhere in that mess Mom calls a sewing room!
It was kinda "blah" until I added that red and white trim I found while looking for the Velcro. 
Oh!  Gotta go!  I hear the food bowl sound.  Maybe it will be something yummy!

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