Monday, July 29, 2013

Mom's lovely baby clothes quilt is being featured over at Quilt Story.  Mom is doing a giveaway to celebrate!  Go to to enter. 
But before you go, become a follower of us here at Poodles in the Stash, it is one of the ways to enter a chance in the giveaway!
Now, let's see what mischief we can get into while Mom is running errands today...
Bon Jour!  Toodles!  Later.
Sophie, Tess and Oliver

Monday, July 15, 2013

Bon Jour!  Sophie here,
Yesterday I couldn't resist joining in on the boys' sleepover.  Who knew that sleeping bags are almost as comfy as quilts?!  Unfortuantely, all the quilts around here are being stashed away upstairs, furniture all being moved our for something called "new tile install".  Whatever that is, it is making me very nervous!  There is mention of going to Grandma's house, for a week,   Quelle catastrophe !

There is an evil black monster at grandma's house, and they bring it with them here all the time, to remind us of it's existence.  It has large teeth!  Sharp claws!  A pointy whip at the end where it should have a fluffy tail!  It tackles us and takes our toys away!  It eats our food, runs around our yard, barking at our neighbors,  and I always have to jump up on tall furnishings to get away from it.  Thank goodness it is not as good at jumping as I am.  I think it is Mom's way of reminding us that we better be good or she will call the Sadie Monster.  What have I done to deserve a week with it?
Grandma tries to make the monster behave but when Grandma turns her back, its on us, tackling and growling and cracking its whip...

But, the worst thing about going to Grandma's house...her fabric stash is only about 1/10th the size of Mom's!