Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet the Poodles

This is the story of three poodles with a passion for quilting and unlimited access to Mom's fabric stash.

All 3 poodles are out at the spa today so pictures will have to be added at a later date...

Sophie is a "middle aged" poodle with an appreciation of following the rules, creating sophisticated pieces of traditional quilting art.  She believes she is the only poodle in the house that knows how to quilt and feels rather superior to her fuzzy siblings because of it. 

Tess is a happy-go-lucky, free spirit poodle with an exceptionally strong attachment to the quilting momma.  She has an eternal girlish figure, is a natural strawberry blond, and is a most faithful friend & companion. Tess doesn't have the time or the self constraint to stick to a quilt pattern.  All of her fabric creations are free spirited and spontaneous, just like her.  She only measures and squares up when she ABSOLUTELY HAS TO!  She tries to keep her projects a secret from Sophie, just because she wouldn't want Sophie to be upset and she can't be bothered trying to appease Sophie's temper. 

Oliver is an eternally happy little guy, especially if there is plenty of food and unlimited access to Mom's bed.  All of Oliver's quilting adventures involve FOOD!  If it's not food printed fabric, or a table runner, place mat, or table cloth, what is the point?  However, he does appreciate a good doggy blanket- quilt or not- since Mom won't allow him under her covers. 

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