Friday, February 22, 2013

Old Reliable...

Bon Jour,
Sophie here...
Thought I would give you a quick view of what's up on the poodle design wall today...
See, Mom has a special event coming up for which she needs a special gift.  She said she didn't have time to make quilts but then I pulled out the good old, reliable, Eleanor Burns book.  "Oh, yeah" she said, "if we worked hard we might could get that done but I still feel there is not enough time..."
"Time, shmime!"  I barked.  "This poodle can whip out a "Quilt in a Day" in a few days for sure!"
So, here it is on the wall.  The rail blocks are sewn together but the blocks need to be joined.   Now that it is up on the wall in a His and Hers design (these are going to be 2 lap quilts), it will go together quickly!
 This is the left one up close, though you still cannot see the lovely southwestern and batik designs in the fabrics...
And here is the right one. 

So, while I am sewing away, Mom will still be shaking her head, saying "There's just not enough time."
Au revoir,

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